About us

​​Medical Travel was founded in 2018 by Lilly Musabasoglu.

After completing her nursing studies and gaining personal experience in plastic surgery, the founder remained passionate about cosmetic surgery. After an intensive search for quality surgeons and her experience in the aesthetic world, this combination proved to be a success story.

This combined knowledge and experience was brought together in a professional team with a medical background. The doctors in Turkey create the treatment plan. The Medical Travel team organizes flights, accommodation, transfers, and patient coordinators on site in Istanbul. Upon returning home, the patient has access to a postoperative care network.

The team consists of operating room nurses, plastic surgeons, implantologists, dentists, and 3 international patient coordinators who will guide you in your own language in Istanbul. A professional team with international expertise.

A team that listens to you as an individual and where respect for your wishes is central.

That is why at Medical Travel, we are committed to providing you with a transparent and stress-free journey.

Do you still have questions? 
The Medical Travel team is ready to guide you through the entire journey. Contact us.

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