​Does a hair transplant stop baldness?

​A hair transplant is a good solution to restore hair loss. Unfortunately, hair loss does not stop with a hair transplant. However, we will take future hair loss into account as much as possible when creating the treatment plan. We will work as much as possible between the existing hairs to capture further baldness and optimize the density. The remaining hairs will also contribute to the result of the hair transplant. Therefore, it is recommended to do as much as possible to preserve hair in combination with a hair transplant.

​Why choose a DHI hair transplant?

  • Permanent result
  • The donor area remains unchanged
  • Very natural result
  • ​Minimal sensitivity during and after the procedure
  • Maximum grafts can be extracted
  • Less visible wounds
  • Better healing process
  • Increased density thanks to the DHI choi pen
  • It is not necessary to completely shave the hair, only the donor area.

​Why choose an FUE hair transplant?

  • ​Permanent result 
  • ​No visible scars 
  • ​The donor area remains unchanged 
  • ​Very natural result 
  • ​Minimal sensitivity during and after the procedure 
  • ​Maximal number of grafts can be extracted 
  • ​Full shaving of the hair is necessary.